What is Romantic Intelligence?

We think of romantic intelligence as a series of complex but decipherable emotional and social skills which relatively securely attached people are able to develop from their earliest interactions with their emotionally safe caretakers and families. It involves being able to trust other people – to feel safe being and staying close to them. It also involves exploration of the world, maintaining one’s sense of self with others, and emotionally connected sex. Romantic love also involves expanding into a new and expanded sense of oneself. Integrating a partner into one’s life leads to new and amplified possibilities for both people.

The focus of our workshops is learning to feel safer being close to others, making it easier to develop intimate long-term romantic relationships, as well as deepening other relationships.

In our five-day Cultivating Romantic Intelligence workshops, you will gather information and learn skills to assess where you are in your journey towards loving relationship.

It’s both helpful and challenging to identify where you are on the attachment spectrum. It is useful to know whether and how you avoid relationships or how you rush headlong into them to manage your anxiety.

Using Expressive Arts, we explore the reasons we avoid intimacy and closeness. Many of us have suffered from emotional disruptions in early parent-child relationships that make it difficult to develop adult long-term romantic partnerships. Some people come from cultures with arranged marriages and may not have experienced a well-functioning romantic partnership between their parents.

Using experiential exercises, we look at the ways we stay safe, avoiding closeness and connection. We also identify body language that sends non-verbal “stay-away messages” and develop awareness of how we unconsciously prevent ourselves from approaching others.

Body-Centered Approaches

Working with body-centered approaches, in these workshops we begin the process of developing assertiveness and flexible boundaries. Assertiveness and likeability are important to regaining a strong sense of self, vital to the experience of being a loving and lovable person. Resilience and the ability to manage disappointment are fundamental to expanding into new relational experiences.

This is a journey of recovery. And as in all forms of recovery, whether emotional, relational or physical, taking charge and committing to your own life and your emotional, physical and spiritual growth is crucial.

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