We have many years’ experience working with clients seeking counseling and psychotherapy for a variety of emotional, psychological and spiritual concerns.

Individual adults

We offer psychotherapy to individuals adults of all ages and lifestyle orientations.  We have worked with children as young as three and adults as old as 84. Anxiety, depression and relationship issues are the main reasons people seek therapy.

However, we also offer individual work for a host of other conditions from addictions, eating disorders, personality difficulties, recovery from abuse and trauma to stress management for life transitions, career, and work, as well as self-esteem, personal growth and spirituality.

Michael Griffith specializes in men’s issues, particularly in the areas of identity, sexuality, intimacy, relationship, and parenting.  He also works with chronic pain and illness.  A cross- specialization from his dental practice is the treatment of dental anxiety, phobia, and TMD.

Frances Verrinder enjoys working with women in their 30s who are professionally successful and unhappily single.  She also works with infertility, pregnancy loss, parenting and stepmothering, women’s mid-life issues, aging, and grief.  A significant percentage of her practice is men in their 40s.

Children and teenagers

We prefer to see children and teenagers with their families.  However when appropriate we work with them individually.  With kids up to the age of 12, we do artwork and play therapy, which facilitates identifying problems and expressing feelings.  We also offer teenagers a helpful and independent connection with a caring and supportive adult to discuss life issues outside the family.  When we see children and teenagers by themselves, we also see parents for a session once every 4 – 6 weeks.

All our offices are equipped with play therapy equipment – toys, sand trays and art materials.